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Why We Are Here 


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of adults with disability have experienced violence after the age of 15 1


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of Australian women with intellectual disability have been sexually abused 2

About 60%

of people with intellectual disability have problems with their behaviour due to communication, loneliness and isolation 3

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Virtually every Australian with a disability encounters human rights violations. Many experience it every day of their lives 4

1. ABS Census Report 2012, Released 30/6/2014

2. Australian Law Reform (ALRC) (2010) Family Violence – A National Legal Response. ALRC Final Report 114.  Accessed online January 2013 at

3. Queensland University of Technology Gilmore, Linda & Cuskelly, Monica (2014)  Vulnerability to loneliness in people with intellectual disability: An explanatory model. Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities, 11(3), pp. 192-199

4. Shut Out Report 2009, Commonwealth of Australia

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